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A season unexpected, ended too soon

                    A team chosen to finish last in the big ten conference, a team with no seniors. A team everyone gave up on before a single game was played. Except for The TEAM itself. Many judged Michigan’s Europe trip of 1-3 despite the fact these were professional teams. Michigan players expressed the togetherness they felt during the Europe trip. This was only the beginning of an unexpected season. The Clemson road win stood out to me. Clemson wasn’t a horrible team, and this was a road game. As I walked into Crisler for many non-conference games, there was very few in attendance. Screaming my lungs out for the team I loved, game by game, making up for the fans not in attendance. Perhaps they had given up on this team. I hadn’t. And I certainly knew this team did not give up on themselves. They were in every single game. Fighting to the finish. “Wolverines don’t go away, you have to kill them,” spoke a commentator during the Duke game.

                            Did you forget they started 1-6 in the big ten? The week of the game at Michigan State, I was asked if I was ready for it. Well, I certainly don’t play, but I was as mentally prepared as I could possibly be. Three days later, Michigan was 2-6 in conference play. Who would’ve guessed? That was a turning point. As Charlie Sheen would say, we were #WINNING. Stealing road games, pounding opponents at home. Before we knew it, it was time for the last home game to be played of the regular season at Crisler Arena. I was worried. Kalin Lucas was mad and I knew it. I said “Let’s do to them what they did to us last year”. They had barely gotten away at Crisler in 2010 and we had won a (closer than it should’ve been) game in the yucky city of EL. It turns out, Kalin had taken his anger out elsewhere. The Spartans never led in this game. I couldn’t wait to chant, “Its great. To be. A Mich-i-gan Wolverine!” As Darius Morris pranced his way down the court, dodging Spartans left and right, I realized, this. is. payback. Why hang on to the ball for the remaining seconds when you can make a statement so strong?

                           One more game. One more game is what we needed to get in the dance. Our tickets were basically stuck somewhere in the mail, but they soon arrived as Michigan came back from 12 down to Illinois in the Big Ten Tournament. Next up was Ohio State. Once again, this team came back fighting in a strong effort but fell short just once again. There was no question that they could compete with the countries finest teams.

                         Selection Sunday rolled around and this team was in. An 8 seed though? Many including myself hoped for an 11 seed, meaning we would not face a 1 or 2 seed in atleast the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Tennessee put up an almost-fight in the first half of the 8-9 game in Charlotte. In the 2nd half they disappeared and Michigan had completeled a 30 point victory over the Vols. Next up were the defending National Champs, the Duke Blue Devils. Michigan hung with Duke for the majority of the game. I tweeted in the first half, “Don’t get too worried, we’ll make another come back”. Boy was I right. Did you expect for Michigan to just give up? To just go away? Absolutely NOT. After Nolan Smith made one FT and missed another, the heart and soul in Zack Noooooooooovak out-rebounded Kyle Singler. Darius Morris came down the court as Michigan fans everywhere held their breath. Who would shoot the last ball? Hardaway? Novak? Douglass? Or would it be Morris? Darius Morris drove to the basket, pulling back to shoot a jumper. He always makes this shot I thought. 2 seconds left on the clock resulted in a Nolan Smith rebound and a final score of 1 seeded Duke, 73, 8 seeded Michigan, 71.

                             This season lasted longer than many expected yet ended sooner than it should have. Get ready to rock the Big Ten conference next year because a wise man once said, “Wolverines don’t go away, you have to kill them”.

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Sweet Revenge

Tom Izzo

"Draymond! What are you doing!? You're gonna make us lose to Michigan AGAIN!!"

"Season swept you, Izzo. NBD. HAIL"

"Kalin, stop crying and get the f*ck off my court!"


Superbowl Sunday is….well, today. It’s SUNDAY already. I’m not really a big fan of the Steelers or the Packers but I’m going with the Pack for this one. (Cant root for Big Ben Worthlessberger) *sigh* Soooo, with that being said, BIG shout out to a former Wolverine turned Packer. Woodson. Charles Woodson! He’s got rings. Big Ten Championship, National Championship rings. A Heisman Trophy, Rosebowl MVP. All this dude needs is a Superbowl ring. A-maize-ing.

a balancing act…or…rambling act

Life is all about balance. We have too much of something in our life but not enough of another. We’re constantly trying to find an equal amount of everything we want in life. Human beings, we want to achieve happiness. Thats my biggest goal. To be completely, entirely happy. Forever. I believe there is a time in each of our lives where we realize not everything is going to be perfect. A time where we are satisfied with ourselves and our surroundings. Maybe that time comes later in one’s life. We are all so different and have different wants/needs. (I know I’m rambling, but if you’re reading this…I promise there’s a point to it.) You know, I listen to the same music everytime I write. Writing is something I love. What I love about it, is I can ramble. I can just type every little thought in my head and it’s fine by me, whatever you are thinking as you read this. You should know if you’re reading MY blog, my thoughts will be included. Life moves so fast. It moves so fast that I feel I need to take a little time to THINK. Life moves THAT fast. As you’re reading this, seconds, minutes of our lives are passing by. Its a common worry to think about doing everything right. Making everything in life right, so you have no regrets when it’s all said and done. Like that saying, “one day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching”. We all just want to be HAPPY. That’s the most important thing. Instead of wishing for a million different little things that will make us happy, why not just wish for complete happiness. Eternal happiness. But another thing, why wish when you can PRAY? God is in control of your life, talk to him. Back to balancing, this post has no balance whatsoever. It’s all over the place. But like I said, that’s fine with me. Balance. Balancing needs and wants. Life is a balance act. If you’ve just spent *insert number of minutes here* reading this, I’m not sorry. You could’ve stopped a long time ago. I’m not going to read over this before I post it either. Sayonara til next time.

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What is a ‘Michigan Man’?

Did the departure of former Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez come a little too soon? Many agree that Rich was never given a fair shot at this program and it was his time to go. Former players such as Mike Hart, Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson have all agreed it was Rich’s time to go. He wasn’t welcomed into Ann Arbor and hasn’t had a good night’s sleep since he arrived. It’s a blessing all in one. We all know Rich put everything he had into his time at Michigan and I respect him for that. Do you think Rich would’ve gotten the job done in his fourth year? It’s very hard to tell. We know that if Rich was retained, DC Greg Robinson needed to go. All I really know, is that in his 3 years at the University of Michigan, Rich and his staff tried all they could and did everything to their abilities to make it work. Recruitng was a very big issue. You can’t blame everything on the defense. There was no balance whatsoever throughout the 3 years. in 2008, our defense was more solid than our offense, in 2009 they were closer to even and in 2010 our offense completely surpassed the defensive side. I wish Rich Rodriguez and his family the best of luck in their future and I know Rich will be very successful. He is a great coach and a great man. I truly believe he and his staff are Michigan men, simply because of their effort and strive to help this program while they were here.

Rich Rodriguez


What do you say?

When is enough, enough? I’ve supported Rich when many ‘fans’ didn’t, but is he out? Dave Brandon has a difficult, yet rather easy decision to make. You know he’s got boosters and alumni in his ear like crazy. Todays blowout Gator Bowl seemed like enough.  I feel horrible for Rich. I dont feel he was given a fair shot as the head coach at the University of Michigan. This still falls on the head coach. I thought for a while, get Gerg (Greg)Robinson out. The defense is horrendous. I think it’s time for Jim Harbaugh to become head coach at The University of Michigan because, he’s an awesome recruiter. Many believe with Jim, Michigan would have a top 5 recruiting class for years to come. Something that has hurt Rodriguez’s image. Not a solid recruiter. Many recruits are going to love being coached by Jim becuase of his NFL experience. I still have a thought in the back of my head that’s worrying about starting over. Are we going to have to start ALL OVER again if Harbaugh comes? I’m worried about losing Denard and not having Demetrius Hart on our team. Devin Gardner is going to be a solid QB who is built a lot like Terrelle Pryor and Cam Newton. I know Denard wants to be a QB, not an RB, but can you see the triple threat? Devin, Denard, and Dee Hart. Back to the coaching situation, I think if Rodriguez stays, the Defense needs to be completely re-vamped, along with Special Teams. Both horrible. I’m sure many share this opinion with me, so not like you havent heard this before, but anyway. All in all, I will support whoever the coach is at the University of Michigan.

Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez and Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh

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Merry Christmas Readers!

The most important thing about Christmas is that we don’t forget the true meaning. I was taught as a little girl in sunday school, to never say “x-mas”. Why? Because its like crossing out Jesus Christ from this holiday. Jesus Christ is the reason we have Christmas. Christmas is not about presents or money, its about celebrating our lives in which he died for. As you spend this holiday with your family, don’t forget the true meaning of Christmas. Happy Holidays Readers! Have a good one. Xoxoxo

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