a balancing act…or…rambling act

Life is all about balance. We have too much of something in our life but not enough of another. We’re constantly trying to find an equal amount of everything we want in life. Human beings, we want to achieve happiness. Thats my biggest goal. To be completely, entirely happy. Forever. I believe there is a time in each of our lives where we realize not everything is going to be perfect. A time where we are satisfied with ourselves and our surroundings. Maybe that time comes later in one’s life. We are all so different and have different wants/needs. (I know I’m rambling, but if you’re reading this…I promise there’s a point to it.) You know, I listen to the same music everytime I write. Writing is something I love. What I love about it, is I can ramble. I can just type every little thought in my head and it’s fine by me, whatever you are thinking as you read this. You should know if you’re reading MY blog, my thoughts will be included. Life moves so fast. It moves so fast that I feel I need to take a little time to THINK. Life moves THAT fast. As you’re reading this, seconds, minutes of our lives are passing by. Its a common worry to think about doing everything right. Making everything in life right, so you have no regrets when it’s all said and done. Like that saying, “one day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching”. We all just want to be HAPPY. That’s the most important thing. Instead of wishing for a million different little things that will make us happy, why not just wish for complete happiness. Eternal happiness. But another thing, why wish when you can PRAY? God is in control of your life, talk to him. Back to balancing, this post has no balance whatsoever. It’s all over the place. But like I said, that’s fine with me. Balance. Balancing needs and wants. Life is a balance act. If you’ve just spent *insert number of minutes here* reading this, I’m not sorry. You could’ve stopped a long time ago. I’m not going to read over this before I post it either. Sayonara til next time.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxo :*


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