What is a ‘Michigan Man’?

Did the departure of former Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez come a little too soon? Many agree that Rich was never given a fair shot at this program and it was his time to go. Former players such as Mike Hart, Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson have all agreed it was Rich’s time to go. He wasn’t welcomed into Ann Arbor and hasn’t had a good night’s sleep since he arrived. It’s a blessing all in one. We all know Rich put everything he had into his time at Michigan and I respect him for that. Do you think Rich would’ve gotten the job done in his fourth year? It’s very hard to tell. We know that if Rich was retained, DC Greg Robinson needed to go. All I really know, is that in his 3 years at the University of Michigan, Rich and his staff tried all they could and did everything to their abilities to make it work. Recruitng was a very big issue. You can’t blame everything on the defense. There was no balance whatsoever throughout the 3 years. in 2008, our defense was more solid than our offense, in 2009 they were closer to even and in 2010 our offense completely surpassed the defensive side. I wish Rich Rodriguez and his family the best of luck in their future and I know Rich will be very successful. He is a great coach and a great man. I truly believe he and his staff are Michigan men, simply because of their effort and strive to help this program while they were here.

Rich Rodriguez



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