What do you say?

When is enough, enough? I’ve supported Rich when many ‘fans’ didn’t, but is he out? Dave Brandon has a difficult, yet rather easy decision to make. You know he’s got boosters and alumni in his ear like crazy. Todays blowout Gator Bowl seemed like enough.  I feel horrible for Rich. I dont feel he was given a fair shot as the head coach at the University of Michigan. This still falls on the head coach. I thought for a while, get Gerg (Greg)Robinson out. The defense is horrendous. I think it’s time for Jim Harbaugh to become head coach at The University of Michigan because, he’s an awesome recruiter. Many believe with Jim, Michigan would have a top 5 recruiting class for years to come. Something that has hurt Rodriguez’s image. Not a solid recruiter. Many recruits are going to love being coached by Jim becuase of his NFL experience. I still have a thought in the back of my head that’s worrying about starting over. Are we going to have to start ALL OVER again if Harbaugh comes? I’m worried about losing Denard and not having Demetrius Hart on our team. Devin Gardner is going to be a solid QB who is built a lot like Terrelle Pryor and Cam Newton. I know Denard wants to be a QB, not an RB, but can you see the triple threat? Devin, Denard, and Dee Hart. Back to the coaching situation, I think if Rodriguez stays, the Defense needs to be completely re-vamped, along with Special Teams. Both horrible. I’m sure many share this opinion with me, so not like you havent heard this before, but anyway. All in all, I will support whoever the coach is at the University of Michigan.

Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez and Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh

photos from themajors.net


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