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Merry Christmas Readers!

The most important thing about Christmas is that we don’t forget the true meaning. I was taught as a little girl in sunday school, to never say “x-mas”. Why? Because its like crossing out Jesus Christ from this holiday. Jesus Christ is the reason we have Christmas. Christmas is not about presents or money, its about celebrating our lives in which he died for. As you spend this holiday with your family, don’t forget the true meaning of Christmas. Happy Holidays Readers! Have a good one. Xoxoxo

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As I woke up this morning, I opened Ubertwitter on my blackberry and was surprised at what I first read. 5 Ohio State players were being suspended for the first 5 games of the 2011 season. Terelle Pryor has always seemed as if he was hiding something and he was. Along with DeVier Posey, Dan Herron, Mike Adams, and Solomon Thomas. But who needs money for tattoos? Are you thinking the same thing I am? Tattoos? I can see where athletes get nice cars and such from Universities, because that’s common in controversies like these (cough* Reggie Bush *cough), but selling your ‘Gold Pants’ for tattoo money? Terelle earned the Gold Pants for beating Michigan, which must’ve not meant much to him? He also sold his 2008 Big Ten Championship ring and a sportsmanship award from the 2008 Fiesta Bowl. To no surprise, Ohio State fans have been ripping on their team over the controversy. I guess I would be upset if Denard sold some scarlet pants though (*laughs*). Posey, Herron, Adams and Thomas also sold championship rings, all for tattoo money. ”I learned more about tattoos than I ever possibly would want to know,” said AD Gene Smith. In addition to their suspension, the 5 players must repay money ranging from $1,000-2,500 (all going to charities). So, after taking in this information you think, was it worth it? Every time these players see their tattoos they’re going to think, “Yup, that’s the tat I was suspended for, the one I had to pay 2k to charity for.” Was it worth it? I think…not. Akron, Toledo, Miami (FL), Colorado, and Michigan State are Ohio State’s first five opponents next season. They must be nervous for those games. I can only imagine how that will turn out.

Merry Christmas Michigan fans! Stay classy Ohio State.

Information from the Chicago Tribune

A little late, but still…

Since I didn’t start this blog until the 13th of December there are a few important events that took place before that I would like to reflect on.

First, 12/11. I know everyone remembers the historical event in which took place this day. It’s in the Guinness Book of World Records. ‘The Big Chill’. The 12th ranked Michigan Hockey team took on the unranked Michigan State Hockey team. Dating back to 2008, the Wolverine fan base hasn’t been used to winning against this team in the Big House (or anywhere else for that matter). As I watched Spartans making their way into Michigan Stadium I kept thinking to myself, “I really can’t handle another loss to these people,” and thankfully I didn’t have to. I think many were feeling as I did. But what makes this victory special? A record-setting attendance saw it happen. Not just a Michigan Stadium record, but a WORLD RECORD. The largest crowd to watch a sporting event in world history. 113,411 witnessed a 5-0 shutout. Now, don’t get me started on the fireworks. Good look Dave Brandon, he certainly knows how to impress. Fireworks after every Michigan goal and a 7 minute show afterwards.

With all the rumors surrounding the Football team, it was nice to celebrate something special and take our minds off everything else! …(for a minute).

photo by The Oakland Press

Quote of the week

Die Liebe zum Geld ist die Wurzel allen Übels ♥


“The love of money is the root of all evil…”

Stay Awake!

Waking up late is not my cup of tea. Neither are 7:40 am classes. Its a dread getting up, but you do what you have to do. The last week before winter break for students. Some are already on break. Its exam week. I have an extremely busy schedule as it is, so you have to learn to prioritize. Stay awake, this week is almost over!

We’re all just trying to live

We learn many lessons in life but there are certain ones that will stick with us forever. If you ask me, the most important lessons are not such as learning a math problem, but ‘people skills’. As we interact with others on a daily basis we pick things up. We see others’ actions and we almost always judge whether we think they’re in the right or wrong. We learn from our elders and simply by the actions of people in our environment. Your teacher, parent, guardian can tell you how to act, but as we grow up we learn by the actions rather than the words. It’s up to you to choose who you surround yourself with. The influence people have on you is all up to you. Things you experience through-out your life will change you, whether you’re ready for it or not. There is good and bad to this. You will carry on these lessons with you for the rest of your life and they will become valuable in certain situations. The present and past have and will shape you for your future. God will never give you an obsticle you cannot overcome. Learn from everything, take nothing for granted.

Das Leben ist die Liebe

*waves* Welcome to my new blog. I previously had one on, but that site just didn’t do it for me. It didn’t seem professional whatsoever. Anyway, I was looking at different sites to start a new one and came along this one. We’ll see how this works out. Lindsey Elizabeth Sholes is a high-school junior from the state of Michigan. I have a mad passion for fashion and sports. I love to write (obviously). I’m very interested in Cosmetology and Journalism, so still trying to figure out which path will best suit me. Stay tuned for more! ~

You can find me on  twitter: @misslinds_ or on facebook also.